"At MiAlgae we aim to eliminate reliance on wild caught fish as a source of Omega-3.   

Algal blooms at sea are well documented evidence of pollution and we look to harness those nutrients by cultivating algae on industrial co-products to produce top quality supplements. 

Our vision is to move industry towards an ecologically oriented economy."

Douglas Martin, 

Managing Director


Our Purpose

 MiAlgae applies leading advances in science and technology to improve food security and reduce the impact of humanity on the planet.

We aim to eliminate reliance on wild-caught fish as a source of Omega-3

by harnessing the potential of microalgae as a sustainable and rich alternative source. 


Omega-3 oils are essential for human health and are acquired through nutrition.

Fish provide the main dietary source but approximately 90% of the world stocks are overexploited or fully depleted and therefore cannot act as a sustainable source. Additionally, farmed salmon currently have half the quantity of Omega-3 oils that they had five years ago. To provide adequate quantities of Omega-3, the development of alternative sources is vital. 

Our zero-waste solution recycles co-products from food and drink production to grow Omega-3 rich micro-algae, returning clean water in the process.



The algae strain we use occurs naturally in our oceans where it feeds on upwelling nutrients.  We have researched and replicated this early stage of the food-chain, working hand in hand with nature. 


Our algae oil is packed full of essential Omega-3 and essential antioxidants providing a sustainable and nourishing source of beneficial nutrients.  

Ocean Friendly

Fish, like most species, are unable to produce Omega-3 and instead accumulate it from the food they eat. 

Our process essentially cuts out the intermediary, leaving the fish in the ocean.  

"What we do in the next 20 years will determine the future for all life on Earth"


David Attenborough, Our Planet, 2019


Our Process

Our innovative process uses co-products from the whisky industry which are highly nutritious for our algae.  This ready made, human grade growth media enables us to keep costs down.

The environment within our specifically designed fermenting vessels is constantly monitored to support  optimal algae growth. 

Once the algae is ready to be collected, we take great care of our finished product using rigorous analysis to ensure our algae offers the best quality Omega-3.


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